June 23, 2003

DNA Software Presents Poster on Visual OMP™ 3 at Smalltalk 2003, July 13-16, San Jose, California

Ann Arbor, Mich. – June 22, 2003 – DNA Software has been selected to present a poster at the upcoming Smalltalk 2003 conference entitled:

New Software for Simulating and Designing DNA- and RNA-based Primers, Probes and Targets.
Abstract: DNA Software’s Visual OMP™ (Oligonucleotide Modeling Platform™), provides an integrated suite of tools that help scientists clearly identify assay design problems and improve primer/probe specificity and sensitivity in their PCR and microarray designs. It is the first software to offer automatic multiplex primer and microarray probe design where cross-hybridization and mis-hybridization between oligos and targets are evaluated thermodynamically and minimized by the software. Key features include integrated visualization of DNA and RNA folding, and proprietary algorithms for calculating the concentration of all species in an assay at any temperature. OMP Developer Edition™ includes a defined scripting language that allows OMP™ to be programmed for high-throughput analyses. The combination of automated design, visualization and analysis provide the ultimate in silico workbench for genomic assay design.

About DNA Software, Inc.
DNA Software, Inc. combines science and software to enable industrial genomics through advances in technologies based on nucleic acids. The company’s first software platform, OMP™ (Oligonucleotide Modeling Platform™), models in silico the folding and hybridization of single-stranded nucleic acids with great accuracy. The company combines OMP™ with scientific consulting, custom software development, and custom laboratory research to deliver state-of-the-art support for designing and developing of nucleic acid based technologies.

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Thursday, 06 November 2014 22:15

DNA Software introduced the full commercial release of ThermoBLAST Cloud Edition (TB-CE). TB-CE provides a new standard for evaluating the target specificity of oligonucleotides.  Click here to learn more.  

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“We find it [Visual OMP™] makes very accurate and sometimes surprising (but true) predictions about binding efficiency in multiplexes...” David Whitcombe, Chief Scientific Officer, DxS Ltd, UK.
“It [Visual OMP™] is very powerful software when used for multiplexing design...” Chris Novak, Ambion
“I have designed over 10,000 PCR assays in my experience with DNA Software’s Visual OMP™ and found greater than 95% success rate when using it to design my assays compared to less than 20% success without it.” Dr. Eric Bruening, MolecularMD
“I have been using DNA [Software™] for a long time, at least 8 years. I want to have the best tools available and that is why we use it.” Dr. Nancy Schoenbrunner, Roche Molecular Systems
“I am a long-term user of Visual OMP™. I like this program very much because it provides a solid scientific basis for oligo design and cuts the development time by more than half.” Olga Budker, longtime Visual OMP user
“In my experience, DNA Software™ saved me 75% of my oligo costs.” Helen Minnis, Wave 80
“DNA [Software™] has passed my tests. I’ve recommended it [Visual OMP™]. It performs extremely well.” Dr. Ned Sekinger, Luminex Corporation
“Learning to use the program [Visual OMP™] is time well spent, and the support staff at DNA Software is always ready and able to help” Dr. Sue J. Kohlhepp, Providence Portland Medical Center.